What do members gain personally from Elbow Grease?

All planned outcomes are reviewed and achievements celebrated. These include:

  • Living an active life
  • A gateway to employment
  • Social inclusion and belonging to a community
  • Positive interaction within the community, changing people’s perception of an adult with a learning disability positively.
  • Increased wellbeing physically, mentally and emotionally.
  • Safeguarding vulnerable adults, (members and customers)
  • Increased knowledge and accessibility of other community resources
  • Social networking with other community groups.
  • Keeping safe- learning about the risks and learning from others. For example: British Red Cross, Local Police, Salvation Army etc.

Members’ mental well-being is monitored. Where appropriate we work with any care/health provider that the member may receive services from. We preserve confidentiality but communicate with consent. We facilitate consistency to maximise progression and each members wellbeing and safety.

In the absence of a Care/Health provider, members are supported and signposted to other services for appropriate support, help or advice. These include statutory, voluntary, educational or employment agencies.

Over the past year a points system has been introduced. This is funded by income received from customers for completed services. Each job completed, earns the member points, points are then accumulated and traded in for a discount towards the cost of organised recreational activities. Obviously the more points a member earns, the higher their discount is.

Our members have told us they want to gain nationally recognised qualifications and we are currently working with Harlow College to develop an award structure that is vocational, progressive and relevant to members role within Elbow Grease.