What New Members may need to Consider

  • Within our staffing structure there is limited support available to members and will need to be negotiated. ALL members require a support staff when completing jobs with Elbow Grease, so those who require additional support may need to arrange to be supported by their own personal support workers or they can purchase support if they have a personal budget or individual funds.
  • Transport to and from our offices, jobs or an event is not available. Members typically travel independently or use their own support services to facilitate this.
  • Each individual member has worked with our Service Co-ordinator to plan and agree specific outcomes and their involvement in the project. This is relevant to their individual needs, circumstances and aspirations but offers every member their right to exercise choice and control.
  • There are currently 26 adults with learning difficulties actively participating in the Elbow Grease project. Their participation is typically on a sessional basis, the frequency of which is chosen by them and dependent upon their commitment to their work role within the project. Some members commit to weekly sessions in the office and assist in administration tasks,