What we offer you

Supported application, interview and induction process (this will help you maybe get a job)

As much or as little coaching or help depending on your needs.
Outcomes/goals that you have chosen for yourself.
No pressure to join in or to do a job, just come to the meetings if that’s all you want.

Risk assessments all round (so that everyone is safe)
A chance to learn new things, meet new people and be part of a group.

A chance to grow in confidence or channel your energy depending on what you want.
Monthly social nights, regular events and days out.

News Feeds: (updateable regularly)
Links to educational sites: (sensory world, bbcskillswise)
Links to fun sites: (sensory world, puzzles, quizzes)
Links to other support sites; (ecdp, Benefits office, Government updates, LD sites, easy read online etc)