Quotes from members

Richard: I like having a laugh with my friends, the social nights are my favourite. I like helping with the Tuck Shop and I feel proud that Sylvia and I started the group.

Sylvia: It gets me out, I like helping people and making new friends

Heather: I like seeing my friends and it gets me out.

Keith: I really like helping in the Tuck Shop and people listen when I speak.

Claire: I like helping others and being helpful. The group is fun.

Simon: Talking to friends

Ann: One of the customers I visit and help is good fun to be with and I like helping my other customer, it gives me satisfaction of helping someone in need.

Chris: I like doing different things

Sammy: I like sharing with others my news.

Peter: Peter agreed that: he likes walking the dog, giving him strokes and his treats at the end of the walk.

Dawn: I like learning new skills in the office, I like answering the phone. EG empowers me to help others. I like doing the shopping for the Tuck Shop.

Tommy: I like my job cleaning with Mark and I like doing the quizzes at the group.

Mark: I like cleaning and going out for a meal

Lyn (support Staff): I like coming to see the members every week to see how they are doing.

Jan: I find it rewarding to go out with the volunteers and see the results of the work we do, I enjoy the trips too.

Sara: Although it’s my job, I get great satisfaction from the feedback I receive from the members on how much they enjoy being part of Elbow Grease, how much they enjoy the things I arrange and also the enthusiasm they show for small things that others take for granted.