Customer Comments

Credit Union: ‘ To be helping people with a disability makes us feel good, our arrangement is of mutual advantage and the volunteers are always very pleasant and trustworthy.

Mrs E: To be helping someone with a disability makes me feel very nice, I enjoy their company. Everything is lovely.

Mrs K: It felt really good knowing I was helping someone else, I liked the volunteer that was sent to do my weeding he was fun.

Mrs A: I love helping others and love it when the volunteers come to do my garden, I am very satisfied with the service, it is helping the garden stay clear. I really appreciate what they do for me.

Mrs T: I feel very good when I know I’ve helped the volunteer, we have a chat after they have done the cleaning, its keeping my house to a reasonable standard at a time I was struggling to do it myself. Its really done wonders for one of the volunteers, he couldn’t even look at us when he first started helping us, we now regard each other as friends, we enjoy their company.